Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Yegazetegnaw Mastawesha" by Tesfaye Gebre-Ab

Tesfaye is a talented guy, but by reading his book, I feel more of his naivity than his gift. This puts me in sorrow and makes me think about those unconscious minds that think a machine exists that cuts the legs of those who do not jump over the self-created bar. His brain is not yet conscious of questions that many of the people he mentioned in the book have answered. Here the feel is that Tesfaye does it primarily for literature objectivity. But the mind has multiple personality and ambition. Some of it is that but...

But most of all, he could have been more truthful and honest. That is all he could have done to his level of capabililty. What is life Tesfaye? for what are you striving for? you still calculate?

I do not want to get into the details but by the end of the book, Tesfaye shows more of Eritrean Government's policy towards Ethiopia than his own natural truths.

Another point I have noticed is that Tesfaye in his book seems to favor the side of Prime Minister Meles's side than the Ex-commander Seye-led faction, which resembles again to the Eritrean Government's view behind-the-scene stand. In his book, he tries to put the uglier images on the Gebru's team and less accusable words on Bereket Simon's area.

By destroying the image of OPDO and "Aba-Dulla", Tesfaye works also to seve the OLF, which the Eritrean Government sponsors and actively supports, and a seemingly accidental words of the deaths of over "3000" Ethiopian Soldiers in Somalia is also another sophisticated version of EPLF's propaganda. There is no use in lulabying OPDO, and it is not strategically beneficiary to withhold anything that can harm this faggot group of Oromo prisoners. It is much better to play a role of a sympathiser of the "Oromo children" and OLF; for future partnership and collaboration over Ethiopia. He tries to lessen the opposition/resistance against this front by Ethiopians by claiming that OLF officials do not want sesession as their primary solution if they are assured that Oromos rights are equalled with the rest of Ethiopians (as if other Ethiopians are enjoying a luxury. Tesfaye didn't reply or argue). Again this matches up with the EPLF plot of frightening the Ethiopian Government that all its opposition, including the Amharas and Oromos are uniting in Asmara to destroy it. The fact is that OLF is seriously pursuing sesession before anything!!! Is Meles free of Bereket ? or is he working with him? Tesfaye has been working under the shelter of Bereket all this time.

Tesfaye also hides the Corruption of the existing high officials by claiming that he doesn't know more than "Tensaye" radio about the subject, and repeated only what is known already by the mass. He didn't add anything. This is because he is still linked to the officials ruling Ethiopia and any information might harm the existing status quo, which is on his interest. According to his claim, Tesfaye should have known better about about how much money is being embezzled, stolen, aggressed, by whom, where and when. Instead he accuses Seye and Gebru group for the money they sucked, and claims that in Tigray, children smell trucks and associate the scent with Seye Abraha. This argument is a fallacy since it would have made the Seye group the most hated ones in Tigray. But what we see is the reverse. They are loved and worshipped in Tigray, not hated at all. Seye has confessed that he has no money of his own, and during his stay in prison for the past 8 years, some old family friend from America was supporting his family and on his speech in Virginia Seye Abraha has expressed his gratitude for that. I believe him than Tesfaye's accusation!!! Seye for me is a man of substance. He can not find himself into a trash thing, a leadership quality is shown on his face and deeds. He has proven to everybody that he has leadership qualities. Such kind of personality can never find itself in a level that can take away his born qualities.

On the contrary, the book has made me conclude that the Seye group is truly struggling for the interest of Ethiopia and are fighting to restore Ethiopianism!!! But honestly, I don't think Meles's regime is working for something else either. I am confused!!! Just because they have Ertra'n blood, they shouldn't be paranoid. There seems to be lack of trustship by every side.

Tesfaye has shown enough opportunism for his age that most of it is hard to reverse. I advise the MR. X behind Tesfaye not to proceed in this path, Since it doesn't bring any betterment of the country or the region as a whole. On my side, I am aware of the plots and can never be fooled. I don't think Tesfaye has ever stepped down from the most dangerously revolving political spin. From this book, I only see the seriousness that he and his collegues are upto. Tesfaye is not alone at all. By this book It is clear that the story is just part of the continous designing of creating a public profile saga for all important personalities of Ethiopia and the opinion upon the groups that are involved. This design is done in the way that the Isayas-Bereket regime wants it to suit the population of Ethiopia. Where does the Prime Minister falls; I don't know, because his recent administrative measures seems deterministic in developing the country he is leading. The scripts in Tesfaye's book look like they were well groomed by sharp political literature analysts, that fit to the present political activities in and around Ethiopia. I warn those who are in this thing to carefully read the book again and again, and see it from the perspective of all directions.

Innocent old folks like Dr. Getachew Haile give their bless to the literature qualities. The same with me. But chapters like the "Qundudo Feresoch" was taken from Sebhat Gebre Egziabher's continous scripts about Harar and its surrounding. Such stories can only be told by Sebhat. The aim of inserting such chapters is to keep the reader's spirit up until the true messeage is disseminated.

Anyways, once a person is enlighted, it is hard to deceive him/her. Thus my final opinion about the author (or authors) and the book is that both have no principle and moral. Their aim is to win the reader by any means possible.


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  1. I think Tesfaye has enough talent to take knowlege from Sebhat and can do it on his own. But Sebhat can advise him.